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Love In Action

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Event address: The Avenue, NW6

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About this event

You are invited to join us for the relaxing and transformative Love in Action day retreat.

Nourish your soul, body and earth. Restore ease, connection and creative power. Come and play...

An ancient power is awakening. It is deep in all of us - denied, devalued and hidden. At this time of tremendous change, we need and the earth needs, to live from this sacred creativity. What was once the work only of the shaman, is now the work of all those who feel called. In our gatherings, we reclaim this way of being - receptive, sensual and interconnected. We will move into deeper contact with ourselves, others and the world. We work with conversation, body, energy, imagery, ritual and meditation. We relax into the pleasure of the body, connect to our wild aliveness and shine from our hearts.

It is for

- relaxation, ease and embodiment

- pleasure, creativity and power

- more intimate relationships

- enriching new experiences and perspective

- opening to infinite possibilities of the moment

- receptivity to grace, guidance, intuition

- embodying the divine as creators and love-makers


Each event is different - uniquely prepared and in-the-moment unfolding. You are welcome to come to as many or as few as is right for you. Attendance contributes to the creation of more beautiful people and world. Repeated attendance consolidates the shifts in energy, perspective and creativity. Our community is intelligent, sensitive, curious people - healers, artists, business people with heart.


Previous participants said: "Beautifully held, deeply healing, I feel grateful and better for this day." "Warm and embracing, a great feeling of connectedness and purpose." "Thank you for the gift of seeing me."  

To book your place, please email, phone or text: 07974 102 049,


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Sun 4
2013 Aug

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reflexology meditation Reiki Healing tantra massage creativity permaculture craniosacral therapy cuddling personal growth intimacy hugs consciousness healing oneness