Louise Page
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Louise Page

I live in Wendover

Call me on: +447742185819

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My website: https://metatroniochealingbuckinghamshire.co.uk

Something drew me to Metatronic Healing many years ago after being a Usui and Karuna Reiki Teacher for many years. Since I began the training, of which there are currently 7 levels, I have been compelled to continue and complete them all. I have found Metatronic Healing have been the most beneficial in lifting the conditioned beliefs and patterns that I have held in my unconscious from early life trauma.

Through all the levels of training, which I am now coming around to re visit again and again, my life has been transformed.

Archangel Metatron is a benevolent being who has brought this system to raise our vibrations up so that we might become all of who we were always meant to be. It is just our conditioned beliefs and patterns, traumas and limiting thoughts that keep us stuck. This system brings in a light and compassion to our wounds allowing us to release them bit by bit to reveal the true light within.

As an Advanced Healing Practitioner and Group healing meditation Facilitator, I have been offering healing in person and distant, and group healings' since 2009.

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Metatronic Healing Group Healing Healing Meditation In person and distance healing sessions

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