Living with the Inescapable
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Living with the Inescapable

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Event address: Totnes Natural Health Centre, Waterside, The Plains, Totnes, Devon TQ9 5DW

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You have all come with a return ticket


We’re all in the same boat: once we’re born death is somewhere on the agenda! Yet facing that fact is scary for most of us; or we just don’t get why we’d want to look at what death means to us while we are busy living.

Look a little more closely and we notice that in fact living and dying are not separate; that our attitude towards death affects how we live (and of course how we have lived will affect how we die).

In this workshop you can begin to explore – beyond the superstitions and the conditioned fears – what death means to you, personally. As well as meditation, structures and sharings, dance and plays a pivotal part throughout, so that the experience is both profound and uplifting…even joyful.

What can you expect to gain? A more profound understanding of death and, through that, a deeper love for life.


This workshop is facilitated by Maneesha James who comes from a background in nursing, psychotherapy and meditation facilitation.

Upcoming Workshops

Sunday, 26 April 10.00 - 5.00 at Totnes Natural Health Centre, Waterside, The Plains, Totnes, Devon TQ9 5DW

£50 or £35 before 8 April

For booking and more information contact Yatro at or call her on 01364 388412 or 07871 611692

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OSHO Sammasati

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Sun 26
2015 Apr

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