Linda Stewart
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Linda Stewart

I live in Chelsea, London

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Using a 32-point energy clearing process + tools and techniques for emotional freedom and positive change. I help women to go from feeling stuck to being empowered, as they release the limitations that are stopping them from creating their ideal lives.

Women who work with me experience a rapid elimination of stress, struggle and overwhelm, making the way for more peace, calm and ease. They go on to make life-altering decisions, get new jobs, start new businesses, release phobias, make big leaps, make more money and find their soul-mates. What else is possible?

In addition to being a general practitioner and teacher of these techniques, I perform specialist work in the area of abuse and trauma and have established a clinic, Access Healing, dedicated to this.

I offer private sessions in Belgravia and Kensington & Chelsea and teach practitioner classes in Covent Garden and throughout the UK.

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Access Consciousness Bars Energy therapy Holistic coach Wellbeing consultant Practitioner / Teacher Access Bars facilitator London UK Access Consciousness London Access Bars Gifting & Receiving London UK

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