Lightworker Activating Course
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Lightworker Activating Course

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Event address: The Mill, Lostock Lane, Lostsock Hall, PR5 5XU

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What does it mean to be a Lightworker? How do you know if you are a Lightworker? What is the role and purpose of Lightworkers? What is the significance of this time we live in for the earth and for you?

This Lightworker Activating Course is inspired for the rapid development, growth and spiritual activation of Lightworkers. It’s designed to fulfil your unique needs at this crucial time of our global evolution. You will gain all the information, insight and ability to clearly understand and fulfil your unique role as a Lightworker. Time is of the essence and your activation has become a universal priority in this significant time.

The course is structured in 7 key stages of development and activation, delivered in 8 weekly sessions, the first one being foundational. The 7 Step Course will be a process of opening up chakra portals, one by one, working on each chakra individually from the lower to the higher, clearing and rebalancing. Each session will include energy sensitisation practices enabling you to activate your higher abilities which have been there latent inside of you all along.

You will feel completely different, even after every step.

Once you've reached the 7th chakra you will have access to higher knowledge, insight and awareness, gifted with the higher abilities of the higher mind. You will feel, connected to energy, to Source and nature in ways you never thought possible.

The purpose with your activation is to raise earth's vibrations and to anchor in the light. Through your activation you will send more light to the earth. This way you also activate people around you with your higher vibrations.

Because this is an advanced, stepped healing and activation course, it is essential for your well-being that you commit to every session in the process. Skipping a session can result in ill-effects.

This course is for you when you feel a strong calling towards it, to rapidly advance your spiritual growth, to activate your gifts and to assist the earth during this transitional time.

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Narina Riskowitz

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Thu 5
2016 May
Thu 23
2016 Jun
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