Learn Self-Hypnosis
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Learn Self-Hypnosis

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About this event

It may be that you are curious about hypnosis and thought this workshop was a good place to start (it is!), perhaps you have already taken a hypnosis or hypnotherapy course and wanted to refresh yourself on this aspect of it, or perhaps you want to simply learn self-hypnosis as an aid to relaxation or possibly for a specific purpose to change something in your current life.

Well, all of these (and others) are valid reasons to attend this workshop. The aim of this workshop is to ensure that you learn the art of self-hypnosis today and that you have a skill to take home with you that you are able to use and improve as the days, weeks, months and years roll by.

This workshop is also of benefit to existing hypnosis practitioners who want to learn self-hypnosis and then teach it to their clients.

Potential benefits and uses include

Confidence building

Reduction in stress and anxiety

Better sleep patterns

Improved concentration

Habit and pattern breaking

Lowering blood pressure

Performance enhancement

Improved sense of well-being

Sports performance

Exams and study assistance


and so much more….

What you take away from this workshop

A handout which reminds you of the techniques you learnt during the workshop.

An mp3 recording reminding you of how to do self-hypnosis

A valuable skill that you can use in many different walks of life

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Solutions for the Mind, Body and Soul

This event happened on:

Sat 28
2015 Feb

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