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Laoshi Muralidhara

I live in bombay

Call me on: +91 9930968586

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I am a teacher and practitioner of Zhineng Qigong based in Bombay, India. 

For the past 4 years, I have been conducting smaller classes for better detailing and attention. I am an internationally trained and certified instructor affiliated to a Malaysian Zhineng Qigoong International Centre. I have also been practicing taichi (cheng man ching - 37 tradition) for the past 10 years for my personal growth.

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Zhineng Qigong

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Laoshi Muralidhara replied to: Pang Ming 7 years ago

Yes Jeremy.....the two DVDs are subtitled in english and not easily available. The original copies in VHS were detroyed.

Laoshi Muralidhara replied to: Pang Ming 7 years ago

I know someone who knows someone who visits him regularly.....I don't know anything beyond it. Recently, I was watching his famous lecture on a DVD. What an amazing and down to earth person Dr. Pang more