Lammas Alchemy Retreat
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Lammas Alchemy Retreat

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Event address: Pobra do Brollon, Galicia

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Practical Alchemy with Mindfulness, permaculture and transformation: - Meditation

- Qigong

- Gaian Healing

- Making natural alternatives to household chemicals and personal products

- How to use Effective Micro-organisms in the home and garden

- Muscle-testing and how to work with your bodies innate intelligence

- Making the Gaian First Aid Kit

- Stargazing

- Nature walks

- Cooking outside

Vegetarian meals, suggested contribution £250

This event is organised by
Permaculture and Alchemy Galicia

This event happened on:

Thu 31
2014 Jul
Sun 3
2014 Aug

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Zhineng Qigong mindfulness meditation vegetarian food shamanism permaculture cob building consciousness kinesiology