Kalpataru - the Mythical Wish Fulfilling Tree
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Kalpataru - the Mythical Wish Fulfilling Tree

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Event address: 513 Los Coches St, Milpitas 95035

More details: http://tiny.cc/kalpataru

About this event

Do questions like these provoke you at any moment in life?: • Can I make my life-long dream into reality?

• Does life excite me every morning when I wake up?

• How do I end conflicts in my life?

• Am I absolutely fulfilled with the health, wealth and relationships in my life?

• How do I achieve inner peace?

Do questions like these provoke you at any moment in life?

If so, here is a simple solution for you !

Attend : The Wish-Fulfilling Tree - Meditation Workshop - Kalpataru

Kalpataru is a powerful workshop that aligns your actions with your true intentions. It is a simple method that allows you to awaken your innate power so that you can manifest your own desires.

• What happens in the Kalpataru Experiential Meditation Process: • Financial or relationship problems are sorted out effortlessly

• Chronic diseases are miraculously healed

• Miracles of transformation happen

• A deep sense of fulfillment and joy is experienced

• Take the opportunity to speak with an Enlightened Master and rare Living Incarnation, Paramahamsa Nithyananda and empower your true intentions to transform into your reality

Register here: http://tiny.cc/kalpataru

Sattvic Vegetarian Buffet Dinner included in the price

The cost is $50 including delicious vegetarian dinner and sumptuous snacks.

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Sat 25
2015 Apr

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meditation holistic coaching esoteric spiritual consciousness manifestation