Judy "Guma" Tretheway
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Judy "Guma" Tretheway

I live in Sacramento, CA

Call me on: 916-600-8241

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My website: http://chifully.blogspirit.com

Since 2000 I have been focusing my personal practice on Zhineng Qigong, currently I am working for and studying with Mingtong Gu of The Chi Center in California. I am writing books and creating on-line classes to spread the potential benefits of this Qigong world-wide. For 15 years I taught Qigong Moving Meditation inside Folsom Prisons.

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Zhineng Qigong 5Rhythms personal growth consciousness Tai Chi Chih

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Post by Judy "Guma" Tretheway 6 years, 10 months ago

New LCUPCD book available

The Chicenter.com has recently released an amazing new book detailing the powerful LCUPCD practice. Step-by Step instructions with video and still images, background and theory, testimonials and ...read more
Jeremy Leach 6 years, 10 months ago

Thanks for sharing the info about this book, Judy. I hope it's really successful and helps people feel the power of Zhineng Qigong!