Japanese Hot Stone Massage
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Japanese Hot Stone Massage

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Event address: Haslemere, Surrey

More details: http://www.reiki-energy.co.uk

About this event

Japanese Hot Stone Massage is extremely popular with clients and it is priced at a significantly higher level than other therapies, making it a very worthwhile treatment to offer.

Japanese Hot Stone therapy has profound physiological effects as the warmth encourages very deep relaxation, and has a calming effect on the client's mind. They say that one massage stroke performed with the stones is the same as three done with the hand! It is a powerful treatment. Cold stones are used to balance the client at the end of the treatment.

This course gives you a grounding in the way that stone therapy works on the energy systems of the whole body and also looks at the body meridian systems and how the massage assists with total health and well being. The focus is on using the hot and cold stones to carry out a full body treatment, and on managing the process of heating, cooling and caring for the magical volcanic and marble stones used in the therapy.

You will need an anatomy & physiology qualification at Level 3 in order to carry out Hot Stone Therapy. We offer an online, distance learning course via the Beauty Guild/Guild of Holistic Therapists. This is done in the comfort of your home with no stressful, public examinations. Once you have completed this A&P course you will be able to do any of our body massage courses.

*If you already have a recognised massage or reflexology qualification or you are a yoga teacher then you have probably done enough A&P - contact us with any enquiries.

Course content:

o Hygiene, health and safety

o Relevant anatomy and physiology

o Products and equipment required

o Consultation procedures

o Contra-indications to treatment

o Energising and care of stones - the nature of Ki

o Massage sequence using traditional Japanese anma techniques

o Yin & Yang Theory

o The Twelve Meridians

o The Five Elements

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Sarah Collins

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Thu 1
2013 Aug
Sat 22
2013 Jun

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