James Woodward
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James Woodward

I live in Herne Bay, Kent

Call me on: 07890524036

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My website: http://jamesholistic.moonfruit.com

I am a holistic therapist and seek to bring balance and well being back into the lives of the client a treat and guide people with my skills as a reiki teacher.

I practice shamanism, reiki, reflexology, aromatherapy and massage.

I run the South East Kent Reiki Hands on Healing School with 12 week courses that enable students to learn through experience and gain confidence with practical advice following the simplicity of Japanese reiki. I follow the spiritual path of reiki as a map towards enlightenment, I am still on this path and enjoying every moment. The secret of happiness for the body and soul is for everyone. The beauty of this gift is that when heaven and earth meet through hands on application, healing and balance is the result.

I run a monthly shamanic journeying group that allows people to connect with the otherworld in a non ego enviroment. I help people open free their minds and open their consciousenss up to something bigger. We are all capable of knowledge without book. Everything is possible if we come with an open heart, an open mind and empty cup waiting to be filled.

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