Introduction to Inka Mysticism
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Introduction to Inka Mysticism

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Event address: 22 E. 30 Street, New York, NY 10016

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with Elizabeth B. Jenkins, MA, MFT

The fascinating spiritual traditions handed down by the ancient Inka focus heavily on perceiving and working with the various living energies that permeate the natural world, including human beings. Initiates are taught how to transform or deflect heavy energies that can cause illness or conflict and how to harmonize the human energy field with the forces of nature to achieve a high level of vitality and awareness. In this intensive immersion into Inkan mysticism with a highlevel initiate in the tradition who has been leading trips to Peru for over 20 years, we will explore: the Inkan cosmovision and its prophetic worldview; the 7-layered structure of Inkan esotericism; the Law of Ayni (sacred reciprocity); karpay (the concept of initiation/ transmission); qawaq (clairvoyance); how to transmute heavy energy and cultivate and direct refined energy, exchange personal power, and much, much more.


Saturday & Sunday, January 4 & 5, 2014,



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Sat 4
2014 Jan
Sun 5
2014 Jan

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