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Inner Sight Medium and Life Coach

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My Mission is to help people as much as I can and to the best of my abilities with the means I have at my disposal : my gifts from spirit being the most important ones.

I offer intuitive readings, progressive healing & spiritual pathwork, spiritual coaching, and channeling of spirit, working 1 on 1 with clients on skype, and remote healings from 1 person to large groups, coaching / teaching, healing, etc, what ever you wish, also channeling loved ones passed away, card readings, getting messages from spirit using pendulum or an item from a person.

I facilitate Reiki Attunements in person as well as remote for reasonable prices.

Occasoinally I organise events like become a Reiki Master in one day, attune in Unicorn Healing, etc.

I am host of the I Am Well radioshow every tuesday at 9.00PM eastern, and Minister of Universal Life Church.

If you would like to schedule an appointment, or join an event, please leave me a personal message, or email me at :

Much Love Light and Gratitude.

Areas of expertise:

Holistic therapy meditation Reiki Healing holistic life coaching holistic coaching personal growth consciousness clairvoyance traditional healing systems Chakra Healing motivational speaking Access Consciousness Reiki Master Teacher medium Spirituality Card Readings Channeling Guidence Vibration Raising Vibration Guided Meditation Astral Cords Links Deleting Relationship Counseling Spiritual Insights from Divine Divine Messages Unicorn Rainbow Healing

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