Inner Child Regression Workshop
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Inner Child Regression Workshop

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Event address: International Hall, London, WC1N 1AS

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Perhaps you….

don’t value yourself enough and can only relax when everyone else has everything they want.

work too hard and are overstressed. Success is important to you and if you are not perfect, you feel it is a failure

like to shock and often get angry.

are sometimes depressed and isolated, and find it hard to let people in.

maybe you are sarcastic and/or difficult, and make light of what you are really feeling.

like to rescue people so you can look after their problems.

If you’ve answered yes to any one of the above then you are not alone, as you are one of many millions of people still displaying typical Inner Child patterns. This workshop will help you to understand and work out ways to resolve those patterns.

During the early years of our lives we absorb many things in our environment, both consciously and unconsciously; and consequently we develop many of our belief patterns based on the information and behaviour we observe in the world around us and from the people in it. Unfortunately for some of us, the unconscious part of our mind that creates our belief systems and programmes often doesn’t judge whether the incoming information is right or wrong. If our parents show us a lot of love at an early age, then it is easy for us to believe we are loveable and worthy of good things. However if we are not aware of that love then we may grow up thinking a different truth about ourselves. Often our Inner Child needs to develop survival behaviours which work well for us at the time and act as excellent protection mechanisms. However, they rarely work for us as adults and it is these archetypal Inner Child patterns that are often at the core of dysfunctional behaviour patterns in adulthood and what we seek to address during transformational regression work.

This workshop will seek to explain some of these “truths” about ourselves, and where appropriate to re-balance those “truths”. It will be a mixture of the theoretical and experiential exercises and will include:

Discussion about the Inner Child and how we can all continue to work with developing our connection there.

Regressions, meditations and other creative exercises.

Accessing our Inner Child(ren) and establish a new relationship there.

Working with the power of the Inner Child and to gain permission to work with your child and step more fully into your life possibilities.

Inner child archetypes and learning to work with those archetypes.

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Solutions for the Mind, Body and Soul

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Sun 11
2015 Jan
Fri 11
2013 Jan
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