Indian Head Massage - 2 day course
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Indian Head Massage - 2 day course

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Event address: Haworth, West Yorkshire, UK

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The two-day Indian Head Massage course gives us more time to explore the therapy in more depth. We look a variety of options for using the therapy - clients can be massaged on a normal chair or stool, or indeed on the couch.

You will learn a self-massage routine you can use whenever you want to give yourself a lovely relaxing session to relax you and help your hair condition, whether it is dry and fly-away from the winter cold or suffering from too much sun and sea water after a holiday in the sunshine! Therapists need to care for themselves as well as others.

The two-day course covers the history and background of Indian Head Massage in depth and discusses the Ayurvedic basis of the therapy. We learn more about the chakras, nadis and marma points, and the subtle as well as the physical aspects of Indian Head Massage. This course introduces the use of oils into the massage, and we cover routines both with and without oils to use for yourself, for family and friends and on clients.

The course is recognised for membership and insurance by the Guild of Holistic Therapists and by the CMA.

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Sarah Collins

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Thu 2
2016 Jun
Fri 3
2016 Jun

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Holistic therapy massage Ayurvedic Massage traditional healing systems Indian Head Massage