Indian Foot Massage
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Indian Foot Massage

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Indian Foot Massage with the Kaashi bowl - a massage of the feet using manual massage techniques, pressure on the marma energetic points and work with the kaashi massage bowl to tone and strengthen the whole foot and aid posture and balance.

The course will appeal to students with an interest in Ayurveda, to reflexologists and also to beauty therapists who could include the massage with a pedicure treatment.

The Kaashi Massage Bowls are made of a special metal mixture, called kaash. In Ayurveda, the combination of metals is believed to help whole body wellbeing and promote good health.

Ghee or oils chosen to help harmonise the client’s balance of doshas (subtle energies) play an important part in the treatment and add a touch of luxury to it.

•Our one-day course includes:

Relevant anatomy & physiology

Client consultation

Hygiene and safety

Background to Ayurveda and foot massage including marma points

Information on oils, ghee and foot pampering products for the treatment

Recipes for blending oils and making products

Foot pampering ritual

Foot massage techniques with the hands

Work on marma points

Kaash foot bowl work

Ending the treatment

Aftercare advice

Insurance and accreditation information

All the equipment you require to do the course is provided on the day including towels, massage bowls and appropriate massage oil, ghee and other products. You will receive a full manual with all the techniques and information taught. Students who successfully complete the course receive their certificate on the day, along with information on gaining insurance to practise.

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Sarah Collins

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Tue 7
2014 Oct
Sat 21
2014 Jun

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