Helix Healing Practitioner Training
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Helix Healing Practitioner Training

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Event address: Yeovil, Somerset

More details: http://www.angelenergies.net

About this event

Helix Healing© is taught via an attunement process which is facilitated by Tina Paul, connecting with the Helix Healing© collective of Light Beings.

All attunements have some generic elements, but are also tailored to the individual.

During the attunement process, Tina connects with the person on a soul level and activates their connection with the Helix Healing© Collective. Whilst undertaking this, the individual will connect with their Soul’s power symbol & gain increased knowledge of their true Soul purpose. This assists to gain clarity, break through any limiting barriers and empower their soul on all levels.

After becoming attuned there follows a 13 day cleansing & re-alignment process. During this time, Tina will be available for support to ensure that any releasing issues that may arise are dealt with in a positive, nurturing way.

After attending a course and successfully passing the assessment day the individual becomes a Helix Healing© ‘Facilitator of Change’ Practitioner.

All Helix Healing© Attunement Courses & workshops are fully certificated and Helix Healing© is fully insurable through Westminster Indemnity Insurance Company.

All practitioners are required to gain professional & public liability insurance in order to practice as a Helix Healing© ‘Facilitator of Change’ Practitioner.

Two Day Certificated Helix Healing© Course Syllabus

Day 1:

Meditations to connect with the Collective

History & Background

Essential Admin – policies, procedures & standardised documentation

Crystal Energies specific to Helix Healing©

Large Spiral practical exercise

Channelling from the Helix Healing© Collective

Day 2:

Meditation & Reflection on day 1

Individual Attunements

Distance healing

Personal Power Symbol creativity exercise

Small spiral practical exercise

Case studies

Assessment day arrangements

Cost: £190 – includes Manual, Crystal, cost of Assessment day & Certificate

Lunch & light refreshments provided

Distance Attunements:

These are conducted via Skype & some distance learning theory modules are included. Attunement & practical sessions are facilitated via Skype. Case studies & an assessment is still required.

Also available:

Certificated Angelic Helix Healing Course - £190

Shamanic Helix Healing 1 day Workshops - £45 – CPD certificate of attendance

Certificated 4 Day Helix Animal Healing© Course – to include Helix healing Practitioner training


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Tina Paul

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Sat 23
2013 Nov

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Holistic therapy environment spiritual art personal growth consciousness healing Chakra Healing Animal Healing