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Heaven on Earth Eros

I live in Bristol

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Heaven really is a place on earth… and your sexuality is the key to going there.

Celebrating our sensual and sexual nature – without shame and with full self-love – is the key to experiencing a happier, fuller, more exciting, more energised, more fulfilling, more pleasurable life and ultimately more spiritual life.

Yes… we really did say spiritual!

Why is it that at the moment of climax people cry out ‘Oh God!’ Our sexual openness, when we surrender everything to the moment, does in fact bring us closer to divinity.

Nowhere is there more potential to experience ‘Heaven on Earth’ than through our sexuality. Nowhere is there more shame, confusion, ignorance or dissatisfaction.

We have a vision of creating Heaven on Earth through each of us experiencing the fullest and most loving expression of ourselves. We am inspired to support you in a shameless expression of your sensual and sexual nature in order to create more love and awareness in your life.

Being in our bliss is a heavenly place to be!

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Sensual healing through sexuality

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