Healers Workshop with Tiffany Masters
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Healers Workshop with Tiffany Masters

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Event address: Multi Purpose Room, International Hall, Lansdowne Terrace, London. WC1N 1AS

More details: http://www.tiffanymastersinternational.com/Products_and_Events.html

About this event

Are you a healer desiring to participate and assist others in expressing their natural state of health & wellbeing? This one day workshop is for the beginners and those who have been actively doing healing work, all levels of healers are welcome and encouraged to come!

In this class you will learn the most simple yet profound healing techniques that Tiffany Masters uses as she travels around the world.

In this class you will learn how to direct the highest vibrations of love & healing to assist yourself and others. Here are some of the things you will learn: - Golden Rings - this technique gets the person all connected up from connection to earth, connection to self, connection to spirit and most especially connection between head & heart. When someone is fully connected AMAZING healings happen on all levels, mental, physical and so much more.

- Light Rods - this technique is about bringing in a HUGE amount of light into and through the body. It helps the person to open up on all levels and receive healing of body & mind and beyond.

- Remote healing - Tiffany is exceptional in this and teaches exactly how to find anyone, anywhere on the planet and work through their body and energy field to bring about healing on every level. She has worked on many healing requests and this profound yet simple technique is the only thing she uses to work on people/ animals remotely.

- DNA healing - this technique once again is very PROFOUND and very simple. She will show you how she works through the body from head to toe in a matter of minutes to direct and assist the DNA to come to its natural state of well-being and this allows for spontaneous remission of dis-ease in the body.

- Clearing the past - Tiffany rarely teaches this powerful, amazing, simple technique on how to work down on a client's past and future time-line to clear both physical and emotional traumas.

PRICE: £100 - full day workshop


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This class is limited in size.

*1 hour lunch break, bring your own or go out to lunch. If you have a massage table, please bring with you. You will be learning on each other and doing practical application!!

Meet Tiffany Masters

Ms. Masters is a gifted hyper-sensitive Intuitive, Teacher, Mystic, Channel of Energy/Love & Medium. She has studied with many different Healers, Shamans, Medicine Men & Women. She rarely offers to teach her healing techniques. She brings all the knowledge and wisdom from decades of experience. You WILL NOT find any of this information on her website about her path as a healer as again, she rarely teaches what she knows or talks about her path as a healer. To learn more about her in general, read about her on her website.

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Sat 11
2014 Oct

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