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Hand Reflexology

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Our Hand Reflexology course is suitable for beginners and is delivered by blended learning methods, an innovation which makes Reflexology accessible to more students.

You start by taking your two theory courses online – these are the Guild of Holistic Therapists GTi Level 3 Anatomy and Physiology certificate along with the GTi Professional Standards qualification. A&P is the the basis for all therapies and teaches you how the human body works. Professional Standards will help you meet health and hygiene requirements, carry out a client consultation, refer clients to medical professionals where appropriate, abide by ethical rules and understand issues such as insurance, contraindications, National Occupational Standards and legal questions when you start your own practice. The two certificates for these courses are awarded by The Guild of Holistic Therapists/Guild of Professional Beauty Therapists GTi training body.

You are ready to take your practical training once you have completed your online training. The Hand Reflexology practical training element is two days, and you will be taught in a group of no more than four students – this means you have the teacher’s full attention. You will learn all of the zones and reflex areas, the hand positions and treatment techniques. You will carry out a full consultation, assess the hands and give a full treatment to clients using the full range of reflexology techniques and covering all the reflexes for the body’s systems.

We believe that complementary therapy treatments should combine benefits such as aromatherapy and organic, cruelty free products, and so we will introduce you to beautiful products you can obtain at trade prices to bring that extra something to your hand reflexology.

The course is insurable for practice – ask us for details. There are no case studies after the course - you get your certificate on successful completion of your final assessment on the course.

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Sarah Collins

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Sun 1
2013 Sep
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2013 Sep

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