Group Reading night with Tiffany Masters
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Group Reading night with Tiffany Masters

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Event address: Main Hall, St Gabriel's Hall, Churchill Gardens Road, London, SW1V 3AA

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About Gallery Night

Gallery Night is a Group Reading Event. The evening will start with a brief introduction and mediation. Once that is complete in the time allowed Tiffany will read whomever would like to be read in the group, typically she only allows one question per participant so that she can get to as many people as possible.

Group readings can be very profound, typical comments made from those that attend even if they did not ask a question are; “wow, I got a lot from what she said to that other person”, “even though I did not get a message from my loved-one that passed, when she was talking to that other person, I felt she was talking to me”.

Common questions participants come with: - Tiffany I am concerned about my job, can you tell me if I am going to lose it or what is going on?

- My Grandpa passed last July, does he have any messages for me?

- I am concerned over my health, do you see anything for me to be concerned over, am I ok?

- I am a business owner and I want to invest in “xyz”, is it a good idea or not?

- I would like to meet the ideal woman/man for me, do you see me alone or someone coming into my life?

Ms. Masters is able to look at and answer all these types of questions and more! Come and experience this for yourself, you will be very happy you did!


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Meet Tiffany Masters Ms. Masters is a gifted hyper-sensitive Intuitive Business Intellect, Teacher, Mystic, Psychic-Medium, & Channel of Energy/Love. She travels all over the world working publicly and privately with individuals and businesses in their transformations. To learn more about her, please see her website. As a medium, Tiffany receives messages from loved one who have passed when you invite them to participate in your session. She will not invite them for you, nor can she guarantee that they will show-up, that is up to you and them.

Can’t Make Gallery Night Or Prefer To Have A Private One-On-One Session With Tiffany? Individual Business & Personal Private Intuitive Consultations are available in 30min & 1hr sessions. Tiffany has a range a dates and times, please see her Products and Events page for dates & affordable pricing. Anna Skordai will confirm and book your time and give you location details (please message via website to Anna).

Tiffany’s Energetic Jewellery will be available for sale at this event!

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Anna Aria

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Fri 3
2014 Oct

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