Grail Healing Through Shamanism
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Grail Healing Through Shamanism

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Event address: 11 Mickleburgh Hill, Herne Bay, Kent, CT6 6AA

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The grail is wrapped up in so much mystery. In Celtic mythology the grail was a cauldron, it is a regenerating object that can heal your soul. We will explore its origin and bathing in the power of the Goddess by washing away what we need to let go of. This day is about healing and transformation. The grail bring wholeness to those who drink from it. The Fisher King lost his connection to the land when he was still a prince, this left him unable to look after his kingdom that became a wasteland. Parsival who was on a fools quest went through many stages of transformation before he was able to bring the Fisher King and his kingdom back into enlignment. In this workshop you will be Parsival and the Fisher King. "Today we bear this divided nature within us:aspiring Parsival, wounded Amfortas(Fisher King)" ~ Rudolf Steiner. We will be using shamanic journeying throughout to balance those male and female elements within your soul.

£30 per person.

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James Woodward

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Sat 19
2014 Apr

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esoteric shamanism personal growth consciousness