Graham D Whiteman
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Graham D Whiteman

Connecting with the Elements
A question about life!
A question about life!

I live in West Sussex UK

Call me on: 0044 7787 503508

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We work with a new approach to Relaxation, way beyond rest, moving in the new Paradigm,so enthused with the training and education, happiness is now the new way.

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mind-body training Holistic therapy holistic life coaching non-duality Neutral-Space Relaxation Polarity Therapy

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Post by Graham D Whiteman 5 years, 11 months ago

Stressed or not stressed?

How can you tell whether you are stressed and if so to what level? Grouchy level 1 - 10 Grumpy level 1 - 10 Sarcastic level 1 - 10 or happiness level 1- 100. Calling Neutral-Space
Graham D Whiteman 2 years ago

Find a place to relax! - Relaxation has a core part to play in our modern day lives, in fact it is paramount to health and happiness.