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Dowsing Spirits

Recommendation of Ginny Davis by Dowsing Spirits 6 years, 3 months ago

Ginny is an approachable and very knowledgeable person. Her experience has been learned the correct way, by living life and adapting to the changes that she sees and feels. Her beliefs are extremely more

Ginny Davis

I live in Suffolk

Call me on: 07788 101659

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Many of us have, or are in the process of finding our true life work; exploring, experimenting, healing, growing and moving swiftly with the universal energies that are engulfing our planet.

My passion is to guide you through these exciting times, listening and supporting as you explore and map out new pathways to an authentic future.

I do not answer your questions, but provide you with a calm, reflective space in your daily life to facilitate you in exploring your own answers and identifying solutions as you progress towards your new life plan.

I am currently developing my coaching practice Croneology Coaching and trained with the highly esteemed Life Coach Curly Martin,

I have worked within community education and FE for 17 years, and the pastoral elements; personal tutoring and guidance has always been the strongest element of my career path.

I perform celebrant roles, having written and co-delivered pagan handfasting ceremonies and humanist/pagan funerals; this is another area that I find deeply fulfilling and rewarding.

I am also a highly skilled musician who plays with the Celtic Roots band Kiss The Mistress as 'cellist and vocalist.

Areas of expertise:

holistic life coaching music personal growth Celebrant

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Recommendation of Dowsing Spirits by Ginny Davis 6 years, 3 months ago

Adrian is a talented and highly effective healer/dowser and trainer. He is also incredibly approachable and his warmth and humanity underpins all his interactions with other people. Down to earth but more