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Get Grounded Get Groovy

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Join us for a full moon celebration of life, love, heaven and earth!

Shake up your energy and get connected with the ecstatic ‘Our Sacred Earth’ Meditation. Then release your rhythm within and ‘Emerge Into the Light’ with the magic of Wiggzaro’s world tribal dance music.

The event takes places in an intimate and beautiful private residence, complete with enchanted Oriental garden! Delicious food from Bite Entertainment will be available, plus massage and healing sessions.

‘Our Sacred Earth’ Meditation

This energy-boosting active meditation, led by Gayatri Claire Beegan, involves dancing and shaking, hugging and silence.

Beautiful music to touch your soul and open your heart. It is a great way to quiet the mind and wake up the body!

“This earth does not belong to us, we belong to this earth” ‘Emerge Into the Light’

Come on a journey through different landscapes, cultural influences and textures of sonic compositions that sees a fusion between live performance with electronic dance music.

Drawing from different aspects of world music fused with modern house and trance music trends, cosmic musician Wiggzaro fuses guitar driven dance music with positive, uplifting and consciously minded lyrics.

“Conscious connections meets kickass clubbing!”

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Gayatri and Bayari, Heaven on Earth

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Sat 25
2013 May

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nutrition Holistic therapy dance spiritual creativity music active meditation Sound