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We are three ordinary people who have been lucky enough to find and practice a number of extraordinary arts. They have changed us and the way we live our lives. We believe it’s important to pass these things on.

Our combined experience in meditation, martial, energy, therapeutic and spiritual arts (over 80 years) has shown us they all have a single basic focus – to improve the overall quality of life. Sometimes that basic fact can get lost – if the thing that someone is practicing isn’t improving the overall quality of life it is missing the point. Collectively, we keep one another on track to make sure it is the focus of what we do - passing on traditional skills and using our experience so that people benefit in their (in fact all of our) lives.

One of the things we have benefited from is using the arts to increase the effectiveness of our therapies. Each of us work as professional therapists using different approaches to help people. Understanding the mind/energy/body connection has made our traditional, individual therapies more powerful. Our plan is to bring these therapies together to create a Fully Alive therapy process.

We have some teachers in common but until we met around ten years ago we led quite different lives and learnt from lots of different people and traditions. The feedback from courses we run is that people find it useful that we have three different perspectives of the mind/energy/body skills we teach. We have a common framework and focus but we each explain things differently, based on our own experiences. People say it brings the material alive as it resonates with them in different ways.

We teach and use arts that have been around for ages but we recognize that a modern audience is sometimes skeptical – particularly given some of the more way out new age claims and practices. As we all work as regulated health professionals we have found it useful to link what we teach to more recent scientific understanding. Modern neuroscience, psychology, biology, epigenetics, and even business continue to uncover the mechanisms that underpin good health and happiness. Increasingly these discoveries give a scientific explanation of how the arts we teach work. We pass this understanding on to the people we teach.

We think it is an exciting time to be alive. As we look around the world things are changing for individuals and communities. We all have a chance to make sure any change is for the better. Fully Alive is our chance to do our bit in evolving a world that is happier and safer for the current generation, the children and the grandchildren to live in.

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qigong mind-body training meditation spiritual traditional chinese medicine (TCM) traditional healing systems tai chi

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