Free Intro: Stress Reduction w Chinese Herbs
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Free Intro: Stress Reduction w Chinese Herbs

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Event address: 22 East 30th Street, New York, NY 10016

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Free Intro: Calming the Spirit: Stress Reduction with Chinese Herbs and Practices

Friday, May 10, 2013 at 7pm

New York Open Center Open House

Over centuries traditional Chinese medicine developed the use of specific exercises, foods, herbal formulas, and meditation methods to address a wide range of ailments and to foster overall emotional and spiritual health. We will draw from this rich tradition to learn some simple but powerful techniques to reduce stress and “calm the spirit.” We will also explore herbs, foods and exercises that can help alleviate conditions such as depression, insomnia and anxiety.

Join us for this free intro or any of our other free presentations at our May 10th Summer Open House :

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Fri 10
2013 May

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