FREE INTRO: Mindfulness Training
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FREE INTRO: Mindfulness Training

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You are registering for a FREE INTRO on Thursday, October 31, at 8pm to th e 5-week series Mindfulness Training: Living and Working Consciously in our Day to Day Lives (see description below).

Andrew Vidich

In today’s stress-filled world, many of us find ourselves frequently dispirited, anxious, and scattered. This class offers us highly effective life skills to help us become more peaceful, centered and conscious human beings at home and at work. By addressing our habituated, conditioned and reactive thinking patterns, we’ll learn to become more present and mindful, thus more fully alive.

During these five weeks we will draw on insights from Positive Psychology, neuroscience, traditional mind-body practices, and yogic techniques. We’ll use one-on-one coaching, interactive discussion, compassionate listening and deep self-analysis to learn how to stay centered in our authentic Self; develop non-judgmental awareness of ourselves and others; reframe and refocus our attention without dwelling on the past or worrying about the future; use one-pointed concentration to give each person or task our undivided attention; increase the quality and depth of our communication; and overcome inertia and develop daily, weekly, and yearly goals. This class will equip you with transformative, life enhancing tools and techniques that will enhance your capacity to live in the moment and successfully meet life’s challenges.

Note: Certification in Leadership Essentials and CEU credits will be offered by the Leadership Training Programs Institute.


(5 sessions) Thursdays, November 7–

December 12, 8–10pm

No class on November 28.


Members: $190 / Nonmembers: $200

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Thu 31
2013 Oct

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