Foundation Hypnosis Course
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Foundation Hypnosis Course

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Event address: Loughton. IG10 4ES

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Hypnosis Training UK Overview

This is a 4 day non-residential Hypnosis Training UK course which is part of the training programme of the Regression Academy. This course covers the foundation requirements of using Hypnosis with clients and during the course, the student will be introduced to traditional and Ericksonian Hypnosis techniques. It includes practical lecture, live demonstrations, pair work, supervision and reading assignments.

Applicants without formal qualifications must be able to demonstrate interest, enthusiasm and life experience appropriate to the helping professions and show aptitude and potential for studying. Ideally students will be qualified in Psychotherapy, Counseling, Psychiatry, Energy Healing, Body Work or an approved Complimentary therapy.

The Hypnosis training UK content includes:

Understanding Hypnosis, and its phenomena

How the mind works and how hypnosis fits into this model

Ethics and client contra indicators when using hypnosis

The information to gather in a client interview

Building rapport with clients through conscious and subconscious mirroring

Indirect and direct hypnosis principals

Pacing and leading

Rhythm and voice control

Visualisation inductions

Progressive relaxation induction

Confusion induction

When to use different inductions

Trance deepening and depth assessment

Ideo motor responses

Steps deepener


Suggestions; direct, indirect, presuppositions, embedded commands, metaphors

Applying Hypnosis in areas such as stress reduction, confidence building and smoking cessation

Bringing clients out of trance

Producing self Hypnosis CD for clients

Foundation Certificate in Hypnosis

The Foundation Level Certificate in Hypnosis enables the student to obtain insurance and work with clients professionally in the areas taught. The student will need to have;

Attended the 4 day Hypnotherapy training workshop

Produce a hypnosis recording for skill assessment.

Completed the workshop hypnosis theory reading and question assignments

Produced a written summary of the sessions with 5 clients using hypnosis while under supervision

This non-residential hypnosis training UK course will be held in Loughton, Essex IG10 4ES

Entry Requirements

Download a registration form here complete it and return it to Doug Buckingham on

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Thu 16
2015 Apr
Sun 19
2015 Apr

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