Five Organs Qigong for Emotional Healing
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Five Organs Qigong for Emotional Healing

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Event address: Grasellenbach, Odenwald GERMANY

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Rarely taught in the West, this workshop combines Levels I & III of Wisdom (Zhineng) Qigong to benefit the five Yin organs- the heart, spleen, lung, kidneys and liver. Each of these organs play a key role in our health, and is

associated with a particular Five Element emotion. While the forms deliver Qi directly into the organs to strengthen and promote normal function, they also have a profound effect on healing and balancing the emotions for spiritual transformation.

The workshop will also include the daily practice of the system's 20-minute foundation form, Lift Qi Up & Pour Qi Down, effective for vibrant health and healing any disease. We also will learn simple techniques for transmiting Qi to ourselves and others without depleting our own Qi.

This workshop is recommended for athletes, health professionals, healers and all persons wishing to improve quality of life, health, emotional well-being and spiritual evolution.

Level I and III DVDs by Dashi available at the workshop and on

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Dashi Chu Kocica, Acupuncture Physician, Asian Healing Arts

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Sat 21
2013 Sep
Wed 25
2013 Sep

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Zhineng Qigong qigong mind-body training mindfulness meditation traditional chinese medicine (TCM) consciousness emotional healing essential oils for emotional healing