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Find Your Inner Shaman

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Event address: 75 Belsize Lane London NW3 5AU

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This seven week shamanic training course works on each chakra to explore who you really are and what your deepest desires are.

Every week, starting with the Root chakra and moving up through the body, we explore our unconscious, seeing where our blocks lie in order to release them and connecting to ourselves on a much deeper, personal level.

I also give weekly ‘homework’ in the form of practical exercises that strengthens what we have done in the class, making this an experiential course, rather than just theory based.

The foundation of the course is based on the following: When we know who we are our root chakra, our self-awareness, is strong and we automatically have more self respect, and therefore, more self-worth, more self-love, more self-expression and self-responsibility, leading to self-consciousness/

The aim of this course is to align yourself with your chakras so you are in tune and fully connected with who you really are.

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Rebekah Shaman

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Thu 16
2015 Apr
Thu 21
2015 May

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meditation shamanism Empowerment chakras cacao shaman