Family Constellations Workshop
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Family Constellations Workshop

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Event address: Orchid House, Portway, Wantage OX12 9BU, Oxfordshire

Telephone: 01235 769744

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Move away from pain!

Find your roots, connect with them. See the hidden dynamics in your family system. Heal traumatic experience. Improve your relationships. Help your child(ren).

In a constellation you put your inner picture of your family onto a dedicated space using other participants to stand in for your relatives. Experience and be amazed by the accurateness of the feedback you will get from the representatives in the position of your ancestors and family members.

In a guided process, past heartbreaks and trauma can be addressed, so that love can flow freely through the family system.

Eventually, the picture will change to one that suits everybody in the system, which will cause a new attitude towards reality.

Usually the outcome of a constellation has a huge 'aha' effect on all participants, but mostly on the person who's family has been 'staged'.

This event is organised by
Silvia Siret - Clarity Coach

This event happened on:

Sat 7
2015 Mar
Wed 7
2015 Jan
Sat 1
2014 Mar
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Ticket, Representative space: 35.00 GBP

Sat 21
2013 Sep

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