Expansion & Ascension Workshop
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Expansion & Ascension Workshop

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Event address: Quay Place (St Mary at the Quay), Key Street, Ipswich, Suffolk IP4 1BZ

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IF YOU CAN CLOSE YOUR EYES and imagine flying through the stars, or swimming with playful dolphins, or lying on a warm sandy beach with a gentle breeze lightly blowing around you, you can meditate.

By expanding your perception in an easy to follow set of Guided Meditations, you’ll (finally) come to see the truth of our existence, just how vast our souls really are, how easily we can take back control of our lives and how we can use our innate gifts to embed lasting change on the planet.

This one-day workshop will be a fun, relaxing way to enjoy healing from the Spirit Healing Teams -- but during the course of the day, you'll also learn how to become more mindful and focused (and how to filter out the chaos from the outside world that distracts you from your purpose) with simple but powerful breathing techniques.

You’ll also channel healing energy to our beautiful Earth and, by so doing, start to align yourself with the Ascension process...and your vital purpose in it.

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Sarah-Jane Quick

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Sun 2
2017 Jul

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consciousness healing Spiritual Healing Workshop Guided Meditation spirit healing Channeled Healing Expansion Ascension