Essential Aromatherapy Workshop
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Essential Aromatherapy Workshop

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Essential Aromatherapy Workshop - Crete, Greece

At: Atlantis Serenity Holistic Health Retreat

From the 4th to the 10th of July 2016

In this workshop you will be learning in depth and with safety about the therapeutic, aesthetic and subtle aspects of 10 essential oils, use therapeutic base ingredients and aromatherapy healing techniques. Learn, make and have your own potions, gels, creams, waters and blends. You will give and receive some basic aromatherapy massage techniques. You will work with pendulums and learn subtle aromatherapy healing. By the end of the week have the skills and knowledge to make your own personal perfume and take it home!…. and more! It would be nice to work with the plants and maybe beeswax and oils we might find around us in Crete. The workshop includes 20 hours of theory and practice.

Lindsay is an Holistic Aromatherapist, Reiki Master, Botanical perfumer and qualified tutor. She has have four grown daughters and loves working with aromatic flowers and plants from the soil to the therapy and of course sharing this healing knowledge with others. Her teaching is focused, joyful, informed and very practical, allowing your learning to come from the fun of experience and testing out your creations.

Lindsay’s experience includes:

Diploma with honours Holistic Aromatherapist

Reiki Master

Botanical perfumer


Member of the International Federation of Aromatherapists


Practicing as a therapist for 25 years

Her own practice. Small natural products business. Running Mermaid Spa in Portmeirion North Wales for 5 years.

Teaching aromatherapy for 20 years from aromatherapy for home use, Reiki and aromatherapy for midwives up to professional diploma level.

Bespoke Botanical perfumer for 5 years.

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Antonios Phipps

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Mon 4
2016 Jul
Sun 10
2016 Jul
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