emma he
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emma he

I live in xian,China

Call me on: 008618729306970

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My website: http://www.apexnature.com

Apex focuses on the development and application of new products and new technology. Relying on the experienced technical team and appropriate experimental equipments, we consistently launch new products upon diversified requirements. Also we are available for tailor-made products. At present, our main products are Silymarin, Silybin, Ginger Root Extract (Gingerols), Soybean Extract (Isoflavones), White Peony Extract (Paeoniflorin), Dan Shen Extract (Salvianic acid A, Tanshinone IIA and Salvianolic Acid B) and Puerariae Extract (Isoflavone) etc.

Areas of expertise:

raw food nutrition naturopathic nutrition vegetarian food chinese herbal medicine bioenergetics

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