Egyptian Gods & Goddesses
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Egyptian Gods & Goddesses

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Event address: Chesterfield, VA

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Clover Hill Holistic Arts presents guest international speaker & medium Ruth Shilling. The hieroglyphic symbols that make up the names of the Ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses are like keys that unlock the vibratory essence and character of these powerful deities. During an opening slide show, Ruth will explain and illustrate the significance of the sacred glyphs, and show how they create unique signatures which enable us to know each of the deities in an intimate, immediate and personal way. As you listen and watch the slides, you may already feel a draw towards one or more of the gods or goddesses. You will get to explore this more deeply in the second portion of the workshop - a guided journey both to commune with the Ancient Egyptian deities and to experience your own transformation in the Great Pyramid of Giza. Ruth guides and sings you through this multi-faceted vibrational experience into sacred realms of potency and potential.

EVENT LOCATION: Clover Hill Holistic Arts Center, 11932 Winterpock Rd, Chesterfield, VA 23838

If attending more than one workshop over the weekend, you can receive a discount. Pre-pay for 2 or more classes by April 13th to receive a discount!

Buy any 2 workshops for $60

Buy all 4 workshops for $100

NOTE: Each class is $35.00 at the door. Walk-ins accepted. For pre-payments and discounts, payment can be made online at

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Judith Kohnen, RN, SC-C, CHTP

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Sat 14
2018 Apr

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mind-body training meditation spiritual personal growth healing clairvoyance chanting Guidance Higher Self Egypt Egyptian Gods Egyptian Goddesses Great Pyramid hieroglyphs ancient teachings