Effective Energy Management
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Effective Energy Management

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Effective energy management on a daily basis is an essential part of modern life – or it should be…. Personally I liken techniques like grounding and protection to cleaning my teeth – i.e. I wouldn’t dream of going out of my home in the morning (or going to bed at night) without doing it first. These are simple energy management techniques that can make an extra-ordinary difference in your everyday life.

This workshop aims to offers for simple, yet highly effective techniques to ground, protect and clear your energies on an everyday basis. We will also spend extra focus on the root chakra (essential for grounding) with a view to bringing clarity to what’s happening in that vital area, and explore some possible everyday causes of the source of “challenges” that may help you to ground more effectively.

There are no pre-requisites for these classes , however if you are in any doubt as to the suitability of these classes for you, then email me to find out.

Please note that if you are collecting Continuing Professional Development (CPD) hours, then we will be happy to sign off on this.

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Solutions for the Mind, Body and Soul

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Sat 23
2016 Jan

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spiritual personal growth consciousness Chakra Healing