Dr Sharde RoebuckTurner PhD
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Dr Sharde RoebuckTurner PhD

I live in 5332 S Memorial Dr. Ste100 Tulsa, OK 74145

Call me on: 9189864627

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My website: http://WWW.GETSUITEDXV.COM

We are your holistic health medical spa who also does house calls! At XclusiV we help you create your new body suit and "Get Suited" with the look you want your body to have from inside out. Our clients want to "Get Suited" with us through our holistic spa services, massage, acupuncture, herbal remedies, Yoni/v-steaming, & health consultations for their entire family. We also provide health and beauty products from our locally owned BiMi Beauty & Natural Health care line. We can heal via Skype, email, or phone if you don't live locally. Here we give you the best care at an affordable rate. We even take care of groups or couples want to learn we have health demos, spa treatments, even monthly memberships that can be arranged. Each of our health consultations requires an extensive look into your health history to heal the entire body not just patch up that one issue. Here at XclusiV we will take care of your mental, physical, spiritual, and your emotional health through age old treatments.

Areas of expertise:

nutrition yoga reflexology mind-body training Holistic therapy naturopathic nutrition acupuncture mindfulness meditation homeopathy journal writing Reiki Healing holistic life coaching Thai Massage holistic coaching guasha therapy tantra sexual healing tantric massage massage lomilomi massage traditional chinese medicine (TCM) chinese herbal medicine herbal medicine cupping therapy craniosacral therapy Ayurvedic Massage Sauna therapy non-sexual tantra intimacy Kundalini Yoga Ayurveda Self Massage detox and cleansing Ayurvedic nutrition weight-loss Sound Himalayan Bowls Arvigo Therapy Maya Abdominal Therapy Chakra Healing motivational speaking tai chi fermented food

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