Dr. Michael John Ingraham MD. PhD. Bs.c
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Dr. Michael John Ingraham MD. PhD. Bs.c

Dr. Michael John Ingraham MD. PhD. Bs.c

I live in Nassau , bvahamas , Costa Rica & Chile

Call me on: 1-242-3948866, 1-242

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My website: http://www.consciousmedicinebahamas.com

I have been a medical Doctor for 35 years , and Last 33 years Wholistic , Comprehensive , Integrative Medicine , Coplete Body-Mind and Spitit healing

I am a medical inyuitive , with a laresentience , and bee Graced with the Power to heal at a distance and even diagnose at a remote distance . I am starting a new Web site Healing service ...." Digital Doctor , " ' always on call ' ! my Spiritual name is VidyanaOM ..means Prince of healing given to me by a Sint form India , and a Spiritual teacher Swami Vishnudevanada. We us modalities from Nutrition , to IV orthomolecular mineral and vitamin , amino acids , also Chelation therapy, H2O2 , Ozone , Stem Cells , rejuevanation , and AntiAging Medicine .

Areas of expertise:

reflexology raw food nutrition naturopathic nutrition acupuncture Hatha Yoga mindfulness meditation homeopathy raw vegan food vegetarian food journal writing renewable energy solar power Reiki Healing kettlebell training holistic life coaching Quantum Touch feng shui nine star ki ecstatic dance tarot shamanism chinese herbal medicine cupping therapy permaculture bioenergetics authentic speaking drumming paleo diet non-duality Sauna therapy Kundalini Yoga consciousness Organic Whole food Nutrition Strength and Conditioning detox and cleansing Ayurvedic nutrition Sound Gongs Himalayan Bowls chanting tai chi biodynamic farming Spontaneous Qi Gong fermented food

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