Doing Dying Differently
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Doing Dying Differently

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Event address: Monkton Wyld Court, nr. Charmouth Bridport Dorset DT6 6DQ

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In this meditation-based workshop we explore what is meant by ‘a conscious death,’ and what might be in the way of it – such as the presence of shock, fear and depression. How to recognise these states? How can you work through or support the other in ‘working through’ such feelings or reaching a state of acceptance? What can you say to the other? What can you offer? What is the role of meditation? What is the significance of the Bardo (from The Tibetan Book of the Dead) in a contemporary context?

You’ll experiment with meditative methods just as relevant for when you are in good health as for when you are facing your imminent death: meditations to support you when you learn that you are dying, when you are dealing with symptoms, when you are experiencing emotional responses, relating with family and friends, dealing with practical matters, right up to your last moment. These meditation techniques will help you to relax, to stay centred, conscious, and to discover yourself as more than just the body-mind.

In addition, in order to support others through their dying process you will learn how to share these methods.

This workshop is part of a series of five workshops on death and dying which focus on the use of meditative techniques and 'being with' skills to provide psycho-spiritual support to those who wish to live consciously through serious illness and/or dying. The series also helps us to bring awareness to our own issues around death and dying.

The workshops, which can be taken in any order, are facilitated by Maneesha James and Sudheer Niet. A Skype or telephone interview is a prerequisite for joining your first workshop.

For more information, please see our website

and also interviews with facilitators Maneesha and Sudheer and previous participants

Cost: if you book before the end of March you receive the Early-bird discount so pay £545.00; otherwise the cost is £595.

Please call or email us with any questions and if you feel you might like to join us.

+44 (0)1799 599589 or Mob: +44 (0)7816 035719 or

With love from

Maneesha & Sudheer

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Here's some feedback from a participant on the first workshop of the series held in March 2013:

It's great that you are bringing this work to a wide and diverse audience. I feel very privileged to have been a participant. I can feel that there has been a real shift in me and that I am already living my life differently now.

It is interesting to me how the process is unfolding and how the breakthroughs I made are beginning to ripple through my life in many new and interesting ways. Somehow I was living in fear, lacking the honesty to really ask life what I wanted and the courage to let go of the things that were no longer serving me. I am re-discovering a greater sense of resolve to really 'milk' every moment for all the joy it can bring to myself and others. Thank you for the opportunity to attend this unique experience.


Dr Andrew Bradford MSc MD

GP & Rehabilitation Physician

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OSHO Sammasati

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Wed 24
2013 Apr
Sun 28
2013 Apr

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