David Hallett
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David Hallett

I live in Cardiff

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My website: http://www.spiritualcoffee.org

I started the Spiritual Coffee groups in 2010 in London to meet up with some friends I met on an angel workshop. Since then we have met regularly as an answer to keeping the uplifting energy that attending those spiritual workshops gives us, as well as keeping in touch with higher energy people who we don't normally come across in our daily lives.

Spiritual Coffee is a really wonderful way to make lots of new friends, learn something new, get some healing, and add more Light to your world!

My background is energy healing and communicating with entities in other dimensions and frequencies.

Areas of expertise:

journal writing holistic life coaching painting authentic speaking non-duality personal growth hugs consciousness clairvoyance Theta Healing Angel Communicator Quantum Healer Arcturian Healing

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