Daniel Kingsley
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Daniel Kingsley

I live in London

Call me on: 07958 655 406

My website: http://www.presencetraining.co.uk

I love supporting people to feel comfortable and truly at ease speaking in public and to build authentic connection and rapport with groups and audiences.

I'm also a trained cranio-sacral therapist, which is gentle and powerful work in its own right and adds an additional dimension to all my coaching.

Areas of expertise:

authentic speaking craniosacral therapy

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Post by Daniel Kingsley 7 years, 8 months ago

What is authentic communication and how can we do it more easily?

Jeremy has suggested that I write something about authentic communication to kick this page off and I'm happy to. I've been coaching people in authentic communication and authentic public speaking ...read more
Wendy Haynes 1 year, 11 months ago

I loved your article. Thank you. I have been questioning authentic communication after a friend spent the day with me and my grandson. Later in the afternoon, she commented that she found my way of being with my four year old grandson very modulated. ...read more