Dance Biodanza, Why My Body Feels.....
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Dance Biodanza, Why My Body Feels.....

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with Niraj

School of Biodanza Module 6, all welcome

If you've ever danced Biodanza you will have experienced the strong physiological changes that the exercises and music have on our biological systems. This weekend looks at some of those mechanisms and how and why they are so positively influenced.

Date: 09 May 2014 18:00

Residential Weekend, Food and Tea Included

Cost £: £ 245.00 / Non-school members

£ 220.00 / School members

Places: 100

Please book by: 09 May 2014

Dance Biodanza

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Kate Grafton

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Sat 10
2014 May
Mon 12
2014 May
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Ticket, Non School Members: 245.00 GBP

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