Creating Your Own Ayurvedic Self-Care System
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Creating Your Own Ayurvedic Self-Care System

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We all have to make life choices every day involving our nutrition, lifestyle, supplementation, exercise, physical environment, etc., and there is a lot of confusing advice about all these subjects, but no one diet, exercise approach or daily routine is ideal for everyone. Each of us is unique, and this class is designed to help us fashion our own personally customized, optimal self-care program based on the ancient wisdom of India’s Ayurvedic tradition. The material we will cover will include: basic Ayurvedic tools to help us identify our own unique nature and basic temperament; ways to optimize our digestion and boost our immunity; learning about the 6 rasas (tastes) of Ayurvedic nutrition and how to connect with the subtle qualities and energetics in foods to tailor the best diet for ourselves; a range of Ayurvedic self-care practices geared to each of our senses; how to use at-home warm-oil therapies to calm and nourish our nervous system; and much more. At the end of this course, you will leave with the tools to create balance and vitality in your body, mind, and life.

Note: Between classes, we’ll receive “lifelab homework assignments” at, then complete a simple Life Lab Report before the next class, and have the opportunity to share our experience with other course students online, if we so choose. A materials fee of $12 is payable to the instructor.


(4 sessions) Thursdays, July 10–31, 5:45–7:45pm


Members: $145 / Nonmembers: $165

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Thu 10
2014 Jul

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