Colourfest 2014
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Colourfest 2014

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Event address: BH21 5NA

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Colourfest was by far my favourite festival last year, a relaxed and welcoming festival with lots of great workshops in the day, also a great space to chill, relax, and unwind. Gathering at night with dance and entertainment you could not want more from a summertime wonderland

A Festival Celebrating life through a rich fabric of delights that interweaves colourful threads of Yoga, Dance, Music, Theatre and Art. A coming together and sharing of the beauty and colour of life. We offer a diverse program of Yoga, profound connection through various forms of dance, collaborative and individual opportunities to indulge your creativity and musical delights to set your spirit soaring.

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Kate Grafton

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Fri 6
2014 Jun
Mon 9
2014 Jun

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yoga dance biodanza creativity music drumming holistic family Connection fun festival friends summer celebration