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Collective Consciousness

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21st June Summer Solstice

Collective Consciousness Day ‘Oneness of Peace’

The World Is Rapidly Changing!

Would You Like To Be On The Team Of Transition And Transformation?

We Are The Witness Through Which The Universe Becomes Conscious Of Its Magnificence!

The Entire Universe Is A Projection Of Consciousness, And When In Silence, Everything Is Possible!

On June 21st we can all play a part in this transformation, by raising our vibes to ‘Vibrations of Pure LOVE, PEACE and HEALING’.

For this amazing transformation to work it has to happen in numbers, as a “collective consciousness” The more people focusing on LOVE, PEACE and HEALING for the universe, the more quickly it will work and have a positive effect.

All we ask you to do is at any time of the day on the 21st June is:

Light a candle with the vibration of LOVE, PEACE and HEALING for the PLANET!

Say a prayer or a mantra

(You can use your own prayer or mantra, or you can use the one we will supply)

Sit in silence for five minutes and focus on LOVE, PEACE and HEALING for the PLANET, and EVERYONE in it.

(We will provide you with a YouTube ‘Meditation Movie’ if you prefer)

That is it!

This is your contribution to this AMAZING planet in which you live?

Share it with the world, and SPREAD the word, this is an important day, and the more of us participating the BIGGER an IMPACT it will have!!!

The “power of positive thinking through collective consciousness”, is an AMAZING FORCE, so please be with us on the 21st June 2013 to create pure transformation, through the VIBRATIONS of LOVE, PEACE and HEALING!

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Annette Brown

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Fri 21
2013 Jun

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