Certificate in Hypnosis
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Certificate in Hypnosis

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Event address: Longacre, Nightingales Lane, Chalfont St Giles, Bucks HP8 4SH U.K.

More details: http://www.dougbuckingham.com/hypnosis-training-uk/

About this event

The Foundation Level Hypnosis course offered by Cara – the Centre of Transformation and Empowerment has been Assessed and Accredited at Foundation Level by the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council (UK). Successful graduates are eligible for registration with the General Hypnotherapy Register (the GHSC’s Registering Agency) at Affiliate Status.

This is a non-residential Hypnosis Training UK course. The training is suitable for people with a passion and/or curiosity for this area, either for those without prior knowledge of other therapies, or experienced therapists and professionals who would like to add hypnosis to their skillset, and for those that wish to use this as a stepping stone to the Diploma in Transformational Regression Training (TRT).

The Hypnosis training UK content includes:

Understanding the history and phenomena of hypnosis.

Ethics, client contra-indicators, safe practice & current legislation

Client information gathering before and at the start of the session.

Client interviews, building client rapport & managing expectations

Working with measurable symptoms

Working with indirect and direct principles of hypnosis

Signs and phenomena of hypnosis

Rhythm and voice control when using hypnosis

Different inductions styles and when to use them

Confusion induction and working with analytical clients

Hypnosis deepening methods and depth assessment

Ideo motor responses and use of a pendulum for independent checks

Anchoring resource states

Working with hypnotic suggestions: direct, indirect, presuppositions, post hypnotic and embedded commands

Understanding and using metaphors

Introduction to other applications of hypnosis including smoking cessation, confidence building and relaxation techniques.

Future creation with clients & the power of positive words/mindsets

Awakening clients from trance

Producing self-hypnosis mp3’s and CD’s / Case Study Reports

Energy management techniques for grounding/protection

Knowledge of working with clients at this level & when to refer on

Client record keeping and ongoing CPD

Business planning, insurance, professional fees.

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Solutions for the Mind, Body and Soul

This event happened on:

Fri 5
2016 Aug
Tue 9
2016 Aug

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