Building Your Financial Sanctuary
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Building Your Financial Sanctuary

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Event address: 1887 Greenfield Avenue, West Los Angeles, CA 90025

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“Building Your Financial Sanctuary” LA 90025

Are you satisfied with your current financial position?

Do you want to improve your cash flow?

Do you need support through a career transition?

Would you like more material success in your life?

Are your decisions leading you to the life you want to live?

Do you have prosperity and abundance in everything you do?

This workshop is designed to bring clarity to your financial life ~ to help you discern where you are on the path of prosperity ~ to notice what your mind is telling you and how that affects your well-being & to identify the next step(s) for building your own financial sanctuary.


Acknowledging your financial reality

Going beyond your blocks and challenges

Defining and manifesting your ideal financial self

Dreaming and believing in your financial diversity

Learning steps to go from here to where you want to be

Tools for Financial Self Empowerment

Early Bird by March 15, 2014: $150

Regular price from March 15, 2014: $225

Bring a Friend: Early Bird $125 each ($250 total payment) before March 15, 2014

Bring a Friend: Regular price $200 each ($400 total payment) from March 15, 2014


2 Guided Meditations/Visualizations

Financial reality session

Money game

TAT breakthrough session

Steps leading to change: Manifestation

Creativity session: Visioning

Financial Empowerment Session



*Bring packed lunch with you or walk to restaurant/Starbucks

* Snacks and hot tea available

*Address and other information given on registration


"Building a Financial Sanctuary" is offered by Mitta Vicki Wise & Pam Shriver

Mitta is an RN and Holistic Practitioner originally from NZ and practicing in Los Angeles.

Private Practice: Hypnotherapy, Visualization, Meditation, Reflexology, TAT, Stress management, Wellness and Weight Coaching, Finding your Path, Abundance Coaching, and Manifesting a Meaningful and Amazing Life.

Workshops: Creating and offering "Manifesting an Amazing and Meaningful Life" ongoing workshops in Los Angeles and beyond. Mitta also offers community workshops on meditation and visualization.

Her work is also inspired by frequent travels and meditation in India and New Zealand.

Pam is a financial consultant for small businesses and their owners. Her diversified background and experience as a CPA and CFO allow her to help individuals and small businesses structure, or often restructure, their financial systems while also improving efficiency and functionality at all levels.

Pam became a BG5 Consultant in 2008. BG5 Consulting is about improving one’s material life, finding success, satisfaction and security in the world of work. It is a fascinating science that looks at one’s unique characteristics and determines whether if someone is designed to work in small or large groups, partnerships or work alone in order to fully prosper.

Pam is pragmatic, direct and offers practical solutions during times of change – an excellent listener, her hope is to empower others to fine tune their financial and personal goals as well as help them map out the steps for their implementation. and

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Mitta Vicki Wise

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Sat 22
2014 Mar

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