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Brooklyn Events AmitaUSA Holistic Healining

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Event address: 2940 Brighton 5th Street. Brooklyn NY, 11235

Telephone: 718-375-1144

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AmitaUSA Holistic Healing Center - The chakras are the seven centers of spiritual power in the human body. In Japanese, the term Reiki means universal life energy. Reiki is a modality that activates the natural healing processes of the body, restoring physical and emotional well-being. Come explore the chakras—their locations, colors, sounds, and emotional components. Yoga practice will open and begin to help clear those chakras. Reiki will heal and nurture. A chakra meditation will help you to relax and connect. You will leave with a deeper understanding of the chakras and the tools for beginning to heal yourself through knowledge, Yoga, meditation, and Reiki. Includes Yoga: Levels 1 and 2

Our classes schedule for December 2014:

Every Monday from 7pm to 8:30pm Reiki training

December 7th -Reiki level 2, starts at 1pm

December 14th-Reiki level 1, starts at 1pm

Sales for December 2014:

Acupuncture $50 from $75

Face Laser mask $50 from $75

Non surgical face lift $75 from $125

Lipo laser sessions $75 from $125



AmitaUSA Holistic Healing Center



2940 Brighton 5th Street. Brooklyn NY, 11235, USA (Tatyana Yakovleva) (Joseph)

Amita Healing Center for an Alternative Medicine in Brooklyn NY where Naturopathy, Homeopathy and Holistic approaches are met. provides a unique, alternative approach to holistic healing. We use bio-energy screening tests to detect disorders. We use and teach healing based on the primary holistic schools.

We're very much well versed in;

Energy healing

Microcurrent therapy



Cellulite Removal




Allergy Treatment

Chinese pulse diagnosis


Male problems

Pain management

Weight loss

Spine and Joints Disorders

Rheumatoid Arthritis





Knee pain



Face treatment

Body Treatment

Hands Treatment

Hair growth

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Tatyana Yakovleva

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Sun 7
2014 Dec
Sat 31
2015 Jan
Tue 1
2013 Jan

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